Itchy Skin Causes – Allergies, Internal Diseases and Pregnancy!

Itchy Skin Causes

One day, it may be possible to not have to scratch when we itch. It seems as though just trying to contain the urge can actually cause the level of itchiness to increase 10 fold. So, we scratch. While there might not be anything we can do about stopping the itch, we can look at different itchy skin causes that could make treatment decisions easier for you.

Thankfully, the most normal and frequent of all itchy skin causes is dry skin. Note to all, bathing alone will not suffice to prevent dry skin. You do need a moisturizer to lock in all that gooey goodness. If you don’t like your current moisturizer, shop around and find a better one. Another of the common causes of itchy skin is actual skin conditions. These are a little less simple to treat and may require a quick trip to a physician’s office, but could be well worthwhile before that tiny patch of dry little bumps turn into a head to toe rash leaving you with everything from itchy eyelids to itchy pinky toes.

Pregnant? Maybe pregnant? Hard to believe that pregnancy can be on a list of itchy skin causes but it sure can. Pregnancy causes a whole slew of health hazards, creating havoc on your skin’s surface is just the icing on the you’re-doing-this-for-9-months-cake. Itchy skin during pregnancy is usually treatable with over the counter products. Do you have allergies? Those strawberries you just ate might be causing your itchy skin as allergies can frequently produce an itchy rash.

Nerve disorders, drugs and internal diseases can all cause itchy skin. Multiple Sclerosis, pinched nerves, and shingles are examples of conditions that can lead to itchy skin. Causes of itchy skin can also include drugs such as antibiotics or narcotics. Liver disease, kidney failure and anemia, along with some cancers can increase skin itching and discomfort as well.

Itchy skin might seem worse at night. This could very well be related to taking hot baths or showers before bed, drying out the skin without reapplied moisture wreaking havoc on your freshly cleaned exo-self. Moisturize before hitting the goose-down or wait to hose off until the morning. Itchy skin at night can also be reduced by allergies to fabric softener or detergents used on bedding.