Japanese Hair Straightening Review

Japanese Hair Straightening

Do you have $1500.00 that you do not know what to do with? Then, you are in luck! Step right up for a Japanese Hair straightening session! Wait, you….don’t have $1500.00. Well, then step aside.

Japanese Hair Straightening is essentially thermal reconditioning. Why is it named after the motherland of all electronic devices? Nobody seems to know. Perhaps it’s to add an exotic flair to a boring name, or to pay tribute to the fantastically sleek and shiny hair of the lovely ladies of Japanese culture. Maybe Japan is where the method originated from. No matter the reason, it’s probably best that it instead be referred to as “really really expensive thermal hair straightening,” of course; it’s evident to see why nobody would hop in line if that is what it was called.

The basic method by which this process is done is that the shape-creating bonds in the hair are broken down by a chemical that is placed on your mane. This method of chemical hair straightening is completed with a rinse and blow dry and a rigorous flat iron session, which is lastly followed by a neutralizer. Make sure to clear your calendar, because you could be at a salon the entire day. Of course, would you want anything less for $1500.00? Aftercare following Japanese hair straightening can be a hassle. The now chemically damaged hair that you just paid an atrocious amount of money for needs even more care. That’s right, for all that money, it’s not even all over yet. You get to do more work. For the first few days following your Japanese hair straightening, you can forget ponytails, unless you want a fashionable, albeit permanent kink. And, no buns or claws either, just Morticia Adams straight. You can’t get it wet for a few days either, so no bathing, swimming. Still think Japanese hair straightening is worth it? Well, keep reading.

Unlike most home hair straightening products, whose effects wash out with shampoo, this expensive method of hair care is semi permanent. Semi permanent meaning that it only disappears with growth! That means that you will have only one hair style. Ever. Don’t try to curl it! Don’t try to tease it! You have super straight hair, and that is it. Tired of it and want to grow it out? Well, you are now faced with a difficult choice. Deal with an awkward grow out period where the top half of your hair looks like your normal hair, and the bottom half looks completely different, or you can pay for subsequent treatments to deal with regrowth until you are brave enough to handle having a temporary half and half hairdo.

Overall, if you are dedicated and committed to ultra straight and ultra sleek hair, without being unable to resist future tousled curls, the onetime large investment of chemical straightening might be for you. However, if you are at all on a budget, or unsure about having the same hairstyle indefinitely, home care or a much less expensive relaxer might be better alternatives.