Juvederm Injections: Benefits, Risks and Side Effects

Juvederm Injections

If you’re looking for an alternative to straight collagen injections, you might be considering one of the new wave of multi action products available as dermal fillers such as Juvederm. Their manufacturers boast that you can get up to one year of maintenance free wrinkle removal because of their product’s smooth gel formula and unique combination of skin benefitting compounds. But, what are the benefits to Juvederm injections? And, what makes this product exceptional and exclusive amongst the slews of other wrinkle fillers? We’ve explored the pluses and minuses to give you the skinny on this product and procedure.

What makes Juvederm injections different from others is first found in its composition. Hyaluronic Acid, found naturally in the skin, is one of the key components to this gel filler. Since the levels of Hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases over time, Juvederm injections not only provide adequate filling, they also work to replace the HA that your skin has lost, which will lead to healthier looking and more youthful skin. Additionally, by employing Hylacross technology, the actual gel that is slid under your skin is much smoother, which results in a more natural appearance and less maintenance. For added comfort, the gel also contains Lidocaine, which can make the procedure much more comfortable. There is very little if any recovery time associated with the treatment and you can typically get back to what you were doing immediately, boasts the manufacturer. A 15 minute appointment is normally all that is required for Juvederm injections and that’s about all the time it takes for the actual injection and perhaps a brief facial massage by your doctor immediately following.

There are some, although not many, risks and side effects associated with combating your forehead wrinkles quickly and easily with Juvederm. Some people may experience an allergic reaction to the product, and your doctor will determine if you are at risk for these types of reactions and whether you need a test first to ensure that they’re safe for you. Normal and mild side effects associated with Juvederm injections include tenderness and soreness at the injection site, as well as possible redness. It’s not uncommon to encounter a bit of swelling or bruising as well. More unpleasant side effects that may occur are skin discoloration and undesirable firmness, as well as bumps or lumps. If you experience any of these side effects, it’s important to return to the treating doctor for advice and further care.

For many people, Juvederm is the best wrinkle filler on the market because it’s fast, easy, typically safe and provides long lasting results with additional skin benefits. Smoother and younger looking skin is a genuine reality for many users who enjoy the convenience of a low maintenance cosmetic plan and the long lasting benefits of healthful Hyaluronic Acid restoration. Ask your health care provider if this type of dermal ditch filler is right for you and for your skin type!