Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment At Home

Keratin Hair Straightening

At home beauty treatments have as many fans as they do skeptics. For some, the joys of spending hours in a salon chatting about the day is a relaxing treat, and for others, the hassle of a multi hour appointment along with exorbitant cost is not worthwhile. No matter what your salon habits are, you may still be curious about keratin hair straightening at home, especially if you are someone who is already comfortable with at home hair care such as damaged hair home remedies.

At a salon, keratin hair straightening can run about a hundred dollars an hour. Yes, an hour. If you have very long hair, be prepared to be there awhile, and to spend a lot of dough. Another downside to having keratin hair products applied at a salon is that you have no idea what’s in them. Some keratin hair straightening serums contain formaldehyde. Yes, that stuff. The last consideration is how long is your new look going to last. In a salon, you can expect long lasting results, with optional touch ups once you have some growth to your hair.

When it comes to keratin hair straightening at home, the same factors as mentioned above should be considered. Is it cheaper? Of course it is. Is it “cheap?” No. You can pick up a keratin smoothing treatment or straightening serum for the low low price of around 60 dollars; and of course there are some 10 and 20 dollar bargains to be had, along some higher end products that cost as much as 85 dollars. It is however; substantially less expensive than a salon treatment no matter how you slice it. So, how does it work in comparison? Like most home products, you are not going to get salon quality, and certainly not for the same amount of time. While many products like “Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin” are well reviewed and users claim they work very well, they only last for days at a time, meaning weekly or bi weekly reapplications. Application at home however is much less of a nuisance than at a salon. Application is preformed via combing in or massaging in the product that gets blow dried and styled as normal. That’s it. No fuss, no muss. The treatment is washed out the next time you shower and you are welcome to repeat it as often as you like.

When deciding if keratin hair straightening at home is right for, you should consider many factors. Do you have an overabundance of free time that can be spent in a salon? Do you have money that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? Then, a trip to the beauty shop for a keratin treatment is probably for you. If you are on a budget, or don’t have a lot of free time, at home kits and products are a great alternative, and most yield salon quality results, even if only temporary.