Laser Cellulite Treatment: Cost, Risks and Effectiveness

Laser Cellulite Treatment

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 women, and a whole lot of men, are or will be, afflicted with cellulite and therefore potentially the task of getting rid of cellulite at some point in their lives. While there are a whole slew of products, potions and tools designed to help combat this common skin marring, new technology has given rise to more advanced, effective and unfortunately, expensive techniques such as laser cellulite treatment.

The process is less than glamorous. For instance, the Cellulaze treatment, a newcomer to the fatty, dimpled skin market, works by inserting a very thin laser through a very thin cannula into a very awake patient. The laser then melts the offending pockets o’ fat and purportedly also helps to motivate the production of collagen and increase the elasticity of skin. Sure, it sounds scary, but maybe a little less so than cellulite removal surgery, a far more invasive technique. The skin is literally heated from the inside out which can reduce the appearance of skin malformations via this new laser cellulite treatment. The good news? The cellulite won’t come back in the treated areas. The bad news? It can come back elsewhere. Laser cellulite treatment is only good for the spot that is being treated, so, if your thighs just got a thorough makeover, your arms may still be at risk for turning out like orange peels.

Side effects are going to occur anytime you have a procedure done and they are not eliminated by laser cellulite treatment. Bruising and soreness are to be expected, and you will likely be sporting compression garments for a week or so after the procedure although they can be easily hidden underneath your clothing of choice. Most people can pop right back to work the next day and experience little to no down time, just perhaps a bit of discomfort and a new found hatred for compression garments.

While you can expect results and a busting up of fat pockets with cellulite laser treatment, you can also expect your pants pockets to be busted up as well. This procedure starts at around $2500.00, a far cry from ten dollar creams and gloves. However the permanency and effectiveness of the procedure is enough to lure many people out of their savings accounts and into line for laser cellulite treatment. Most people can see visible results in as little as two weeks, likely when the swelling and bruising have fully subsided and the garments of aggravation have been tossed away. Full results can be expected within a few months, usually four to six, once the full effects of the procedure, an increase in both collagen and elasticity are visible and more pronounced.

You will have to weigh the risks, costs and benefits of this procedure to determine if it is right for you. For many people however, laser cellulite treatment offers a safer and more effective alternative to surgical procedures and unsuccessful methods.