Laser Freckle Removal Review: Pros and Cons

Laser Freckle Removal

Melanin is what gives color to the skin, and concentrated little packets of it on your face result in freckles, or more technically hyperpigmentation on face or other body areas. Although many people associate these common skin specks with a certain complexion type or ethnicity, anyone can get them, particularly people who spend a lot of time in the sun. While these harmless dots are typically not harmful, many people dislike their presence for appearance’s sake. These individuals may be considering one or more forms of skin pigmentation treatment. There are many options for removing all sorts of blemishes, marks and even freckles from the skin; however a relatively new option is laser freckle removal.

So what are the pros and cons to this noninvasive procedure?

Pros of Laser Freckle Removal

Well, let’s start with the pros. You might be surprised to find that unlike many other forms of cosmetic laser procedures, laser freckle removal is relatively inexpensive. You can have a rather large area treated for under $200.00, which is about 5 minutes worth of care. You’ll find that compared to laser skin resurfacing, this cost can pale in comparison. While it’s still going to be substantially more expensive than a jar of freckle removal cream, you’ll find that the success of treatment is exponentially increased with laser freckle removal. In fact, it’s common to experience a total removal of unwanted skin polka dots. Other perks to this procedure? It’s reportedly painless, with even the most dissatisfied of customers complaining of only mild discomfort. In fact, many practitioners don’t even use a numbing agent prior to laser freckle removal. Post treatment care is also relatively simple as well. Treated areas can lead to scabbing, and these typically just slough or fall off with little intervention.

Cons of Laser Freckle Removal

There are few cons associated with laser freckle removal. There are some that do find the treatment to be uncomfortable or annoying. Additionally, there is the potential for most procedure crusting and bruising, although these after effects rarely produce discomfort. Some people report that the first day following laser freckle removal, the skin can feel tender and mimic the sensation of sunburn. The freckles may also appear darker at first before they disappear. Some people have experienced and over-effectiveness of the green laser, and have had freckles turn lighter than the surrounding skin, leaving them with white or very light spots in place of the once-there brown rounds, however this feature is normally short lived and will usually remedy itself in time.

Deciding whether this procedure is right for you will depend on many things. Your doctor will first want to evaluate your body’s unique marks in order to ensure that none of them are malicious looking or appear to be abnormal enough to warrant further investigation. Should any of your marks appear suspicious, you will not be able to have this treatment. However, for unsightly freckles that you just don’t find to be “cute,” laser removal might be a great option for you!