Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip Review – Cost vs Results!

Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip

Admittedly, I am sporting a bit more of a lady moustache than I find is acceptable. I spend about $12 every couple of weeks to have it waxed, it’s a hassle, but less of one than explaining a 5 o’ clock shadow. I started looking into having a laser hair removal upper lip procedure done, and I was both pleasantly surprised and shocked by some of the reviews that I came across.

Some users report burn marks associated with laser hair removal upper lip procedures, while others claim that they have changes in skin color and hyperpigmentation that won’t go away. Some people who have had laser hair removal upper lip procedures are still left with hairs, even after the recommended number of treatments, and a few even ended up with more. On the other side, many people who have had the procedure rave about it and claim it is an absolute life changer. For some, having the hair laser light show has been a glowing success. So, why is it that some people love it and some people hate it? It seems as though it really boils down to skin type. People with fair skin and dark hair who weren’t hyper-reactive to sun damage seemed to fare better than darker skinned or light or grey haired individuals or those that have sensitivity to the sun or burn or scar easily. It seems as though a thorough question session between doctor and patient and a clear explanation of expected results can go a long way before a laser hair removal upper lip procedure.

Considering the exorbitant cost of this follicle butchery, making sure that you are an ideal candidate for the lip mane massacre seems like a no brainer. Light grey hair on dark skin with a history of keloid scars? Nads hair removal at home might be a better option for you. Extreme sensitivity to sunlight with frequent burns? Consider instead a hair removing cream that doesn’t use light as its main source of power. If you’re intent on having a permanent treatment instead of traditional treatment at home or even home laser hair removal, consider the other permanent solution – electrolysis hair removal. Because it uses electricity instead of light, it may be a better alternative for people with skin that is less than ideal for the laser method.

Because the cost of this method of hair removal can be high (between $1200 – $3000 for all sessions when complete) it may be hard to justify the dollars spent in comparison to the results achieved if you do not end up with what you are looking for. However, over 70% of users are happy with their results after all treatment sessions. A proper consultation with your health care provider will help determine if your skin and hair are good candidates for laser removal, and if so, you will likely see great results.