Laser Stretch Mark Removal Myths And Facts

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks by a medical definition are linear scars that show up on the skin as a response to weight fluctuations mostly after weight loss or pregnancy. Today there are many methods to get rid or stretch marks ranging from creams, lotions and even surgery that provide a varying degree of success. However, laser stretch mark removal like no other method tends to be always surrounded by myths and facts that we will try to dispel in this article.

Myth 1:

Only women who have been pregnant need laser stretch mark removal treatments.

Fact 1:

Individuals of both sexes and almost all ages may benefit from this treatment. Laser removal may be desired for tattoo stretch marks, and individuals who were obese and then lost a significant amount of body fat in a short time may find that there are very visible stretch marks as a result. Additionally, retired bodybuilders may also be good candidates for laser stretch mark removal.

Myth 2:

Laser stretch mark removal is expensive and requires a recovery period.

Fact 2:

Laser treatments for stretch marks are usually more expensive than some options, but still cost less than traditional cosmetic surgery and is less invasive. Most patients will not have any recovery period at all, and the remaining find that within a very short time there is no discomfort or problems with usual activities. Most patients will be surprised that the cost for the laser method will cost significantly less for their particular case had they opted for creams since the latter require much longer treatment period.

Myth 3:

Laser treatment will always work better than Mederma stretch mark therapy or other treatment methods.

Fact 3:

Lasers can work well for individuals who have a very light complexion, and who suffer from shallow stretch marks which are darker in color. The laser treatment breaks down the pigmentation, so any stretch marks which are deep or have already lightened up significantly may not be helped much by the use of laser treatments. Depending on the type of linear scars you have, lasers may or may not be beneficial for your situation.

Myth 4:

Women are primarily the ones who use laser stretch mark removal treatments.

Fact 4:

Male stretch marks are a very common problem, and more men are seeking treatment for these visible imperfections. Men care about their appearance just as much as women do, and working out or gaining and then losing large amounts of muscle or fat can cause stretch marks to appear.

Myth 5:

Home remedies can not be as effective as laser stretch mark removal treatments.

Fact 5:

Some home remedies for stretch marks can offer many benefits. If you have these marks and they are lighter in color because they have faded then laser treatments may not offer many benefits. Some home remedies can help lessen the appearance of older stretch marks, and promote healthy skin tissue regeneration in the areas affected by the stretch marks.

Learn all about Stretch Marks and how to treat them. And you’ll always have a good looking and healthy body. For more information about laser stretch mark procedure and its benefits watch this educational video: