Laser Tattoo Removal Cost – 10 Best Locations in US!

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

For many people, laser tattoo removal cost is exorbitant and unrealistic and this can be particularly true in certain major cities or metropolitan areas where the costs of cosmetic procedures can literally skyrocket. This can leave people looking for options for tattoo removal at home such as various skin irritating creams and lotions or even hokey remedies like the ink removal via salt method. You don’t need to go to these extremes. All across the United States are reputable and reasonably priced facilities that can help counsel you through the process of removing your unwanted body art.

1. Pittsburg Tattoo Removal, Pittsburgh, PA: Utilizing the Quanta Q Plus system, up to 30 joules of pulse strength deliver tattoo vanishing light that can remove multiple colors of tattoo pigment from even the most stubborn skin. You can expect laser tattoo removal cost at this facility to run you about $250.00 a session, and while this may seem cheap, multiple visits are absolutely in your future.

2. Oregon Health And Science University, Heather Onday, R.N., M.N., F.N.P, Portland, Oregon.: Ms. Onday is well versed in the field of dermatology and laser procedures and is also well equipped to handle your stubborn regretful artwork. Using a tattoo removal machine that is state of the art and equipped with lasers that are able to tackle multiple colors, you may expect an extreme price tag, but might be pleasantly surprised at the $150 – $200 range per session that is typical.

3. Dr. Tattoff, Various US Locations: Good news, there are now so many people unhappy with their perma-artwork that a chain of tattoo removal clinics dubbed “Dr. Tattoff” have sprouted up across the United States. From Texas to Georgia, there is likely a Dr. Tattoff near you. Obviously experts in their namesake industry, the clinicians develop tailored treatment plans dependent upon the tattoo’s location and the skin it’s embedded in. You can expect to shell out at least $98.00 per session but possibly more as their standard price is just under $50.00 per square inch for laser tattoo removal cost.

4. Ink Plan B, Reno, NV: With a starting laser tattoo removal cost of around $150.00 per session, Ink Plan B is likely not the least expensive option you’ve come across. However with their dedication to their customers very well reviewed and results of their laser tattoo removal procedures, you can rest assure that you will get your money’s worth at Ink Plan B.

5. Ohio Valley Plastic Surgery, Hudson, OH: While you aren’t likely to get a bargain discount deal at a cosmetic surgery practice, the $250.00 typical laser tattoo removal cost offered by Ohio Valley Plastic Surgery as reported by recipients is not a far cry from the cost averages of less well known locations.

6. Blink Tattoo Removal, Various US Locations: Whether you are getting rained on in Seattle or getting sunburned in Miami, you are probably quite close to a Blink Tattoo Removal Experts location. Average starting price per session for laser tattoo removal cost with Blink? Around $165, which is fairly average for many locations.

7. Tropicalaser (Florida and New York): Tailoring treatment to specific sizes, shapes and shades of tattoo, Tropicalaser has a grip on structured laser tattoo removal cost that will help keep you from getting surprised at the cash register. Small tats start at $200.00 per session, while medium marks run at $300.00. Larger tattoos start at $400.00 per session and are typically a 4 inch square to larger.

8. Pristine Laser Center, Altamonte Springs, FL: Using an easy to understand formula to help you determine your own specific cost of tattoo removal based on your art’s size, color and location, Pristine Laser center takes some of the confusion out of multi session pricing. Orange, green and blue ink cost more to remove and red and navy are much easier. Add this knowledge to their small / medium / large pricing scale, which starts at as little as $100 per session and you can feel confident that you know what you are going to spend up front.

9. Smoothlaser, New York, NY: You don’t have to spend a fortune for tattoo removal in the big city. Consider Smooth, a downtown option for everyone. Starting at $200 per session for tennis ball sized ink, Smooth breaks the molds regarding cosmetic costs in the Big Apple.

10. ZapaTat, Arlington, VA: This cutely named and excessively modern facility in Virgina offers cozy conveniences to make your tattoo removal more colorful and enjoyable, or, at least as much as it can be. Starting at just $75 for a small area, scheduling an appointment with this location is a no brainer cure for tattoo regret!