Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Procedure Explained!

Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

So you have toenail fungus. You have officially closeted all open toed shoes or man-sandals until further notice. You have googled for hours and determined that you’re at an impasse. You don’t want the liver risks associated with oral medication, and after reading the hypothetical home remedies on the internet, you realized that you need another option. Enter laser toenail fungus treatment.

Not available everywhere yet, and laughable to most insurance companies, laser treatment for toenail fungus is hardly mainstream. With the doctor’s that use it still unsure of exactly how it works, it’s hard to call it anything but controversial. However, studies have shown laser toenail fungus treatment to be almost as effective as traditional, and more, untraditional remedies. It is thought to work by the laser stopping fungus growth, thereby allowing the body’s natural processes to fight the existing fungus, and it works; at least, most of the time.

Toenail fungus laser treatment has some drawbacks. One of the most notable is the cost. Treatments can cost up to $1500.00, and you usually will need 3 or 4 to fully treat you toe mushroom party. Another drawback to laser toenail fungus treatment is that like all remedies, the effects are not immediate. While a reduction in symptoms may be apparent sooner, full eradication and clear, healthy nails may not be on the horizon for up to a year after treatment.

If you can afford laser toenail fungus treatment however, it may be worth it. Eliminating the risks of liver damage associated with oral medications, and less scary than surgical removal, it’s certainly an appealing option. The affected parts are inserted into holders affixed to a machine that fires lasers at your fungus. The treatment lasts between half an hour and 45 minutes, then you’re on your way. This is repeated a couple of times, and your back in peep toes.

Laser treatment may be a great option for people looking for alternative onychomycosis treatments that don’t involve hokey home remedies or scalpels, but the pros and cons need to be evaluated with your health care provider. If you think laser treatment is an option for you, speak with your doctor about your concerns about traditional treatments, and whether or not laser fungus removal is a good option for you and your condition.