Laser Treatments For Age Spots – Costs And Effectiveness

Laser Treatments For Age Spots

Laser treatments for age spots are cutting edge procedures designed to vaporize thin layers of sun damaged skin with less side effects and shorter recovery time compared to any other type of skin photorejuvenation method. Compared to other age spots removal methods, laser treatments for age spots are less invasive and allow patients to return to normal life faster with less discomfort.

An ablative laser is very often used in laser treatments for age spots that gently erases brown spots triggering skin’s natural skin rejuvenating mechanisms. Side effects are few, however, are possible, including excessive skin swelling, redness and inflammation. Sometimes it’s impossible to predict how a certain skin type might react to a specific cosmetic procedure before a treatment. Individuals with darker complexions are not advised to undergo laser treatments for age spots as they are more prone to developing uneven skin tones following the procedure. Some patients might experience a flare up of a chronic skin condition like rosacea or herpes after the laser skin resurfacing treatment.

Laser treatments for age spots are almost never covered by major insurance companies as these are considered elective cosmetic procedures that are very often paid out of the pocket by patients. If you are considering laser treatments for age spots, you should be ready to pay anywhere from $100 to several thousands of dollars for this cosmetic procedure. The cost for the laser resurfacing procedure depends mainly on the number of brown liver spots on skin you are seeking to remove or the overall condition of your skin. Some patients might have especially dark spots on face that might require several laser sessions to completely erase.

It’s important to plan for this laser procedure by avoiding sun exposure before and after the treatment. All patients are recommended to use proper sunscreen products with SPF30 or higher to prevent further sun damage to already tender skin.