Laser Wart Removal – When Is It Needed?

Laser Wart Removal

Ah, you have a new friend. Well, it’s an uninvited friend to say the least. A wart. A protrusion of dead, scaly and off-colored yuckiness that is quickly smashing your dreams of being a hand model on the home shopping network. Countless remedies involving duct tape, apple cider vinegar and cans of wart freeze have proven unsuccessful, and you are now left with a trip to your doctor’s office, pondering wart removal surgery.

One of the most common forms of wart treatment beyond home care is laser wart removal. This process involves targeting your offending houseguest with a directed beam of light. A little doctors’ Jedi sword whose biggest enemies are the dark side plantar warts. Laser wart removal can be an effective means of plantar warts treatment, or in cases where other common warts have not been very responsive to at home care or any of those folk remedies passed down from your momma’s cousin’s uncle’s sister.

But, when is laser wart removal needed? Well, that all depends. In some cases, as in the case of numerous flat warts, (wart party where your existing warts call their friends over for margaritas) home remedies may not be practical. Removing warts that are numerous may be a better fit for surgical removal. In the case of those terrible things that wreak havoc on your oh-so-necessary feet, plantar warts, you may experience pain as they afflict such an overused body part. In this case, laser wart removal might be a valid option.

Pregnant? If so, your doctor may recommend laser wart removal. It is important to talk to your health care provider if you have warts during pregnancy before messing with home remedies as he or she may recommend different treatment courses more suitable to your condition.

Wart removal is never pleasant, and it can take a long time, even with surgical options available. You need to be prepared for frequent trips to your doctor’s office, and many a nights dining on macaroni and cheese as these treatments can also be expensive. Bear in mind that surgery only removes the wart, not the virus that causes it, and so that little nugget that you were so happy to see go can come back for a subsequent visit. The most important thing when considering laser surgery is to talk to your doctor, who can answer your questions and help you decide if it is right for you.