LCN Nails – Alternative To Acrylics!

LCN Nails

Anyone who has ever tried LCN nails (light concept nails) will usually agree that they are better, stronger, healthier and more realistic looking than acrylic nails. LCN nails actually protect the nails underneath, instead of leaving it thin and weak like acrylic nails are known to do. They are also very durable and will last up to four weeks without breaking or popping off. Another great reason to switch from acrylic to LCN is that the LCN nails, when applied by a professional, are more likely to look like your real fingernail. The reason LCN nails possess all of these benefits is that they are made from a gel. The gel has a thick consistency and is perfect for sculpting into a very real looking fingernail.

You can apply acrylic or gel nails at home, however be aware of how fake the acrylics may appear. If you applying your gel nails in the comfort of your home, it is recommended that you buy a kit, such as the IBD gel nail starter kit. UV gel nails can be applied easily at home, as well as UV gel nail polish, although who doesn’t love to be pampered at a salon? At a professional nail salon, you will be guaranteed the natural look and feel that LCN nails provide.

In addition to looking more realistic and lasting longer, the main reason to switch from acrylic nails to LCN’s is really the health of your real nails. As mentioned before, LCN nails will not harm your real fingernails the way acrylics will. LCN’s are non-porous, which protects your nail, and they are not made of harsh chemicals, which can weaken the underlying nail. They also will not yellow, unlike acrylics. LCN nails are an amazing alternative to acrylics, even if only because they will last longer and save you time and money at the nail salon!