Loose Skin On Stomach Removal- Secrets To Fast Results!

Loose Skin On Stomach

Do you have loose skin on stomach and prefer not to go the lengthy route of exercising and dieting to achieve good results? Then consider these options:

Abdominoplasty, commonly called tummy tuck, is a surgical stomach skin tightening procedure that removes both fat and loose skin on stomach. This treatment is fast acting, but can be very expensive and involves unpleasant side effects like pain, swelling and long healing time.

In recent years, non-surgical treatments like Refirme skin tightening and Thermage are used instead of cosmetic surgeries to treat loose skin on stomach because they are not invasive and cost much lower than surgery.

Both treatments use energy to heat the collagen (cause light damage) in the deep skin layers which stimulates the skin cells to produce more natural collagen as a part of natural healing response of the body can be very effective in treating loose skin on the stomach and loose skin after pregnancy. Non surgical treatments cause minimal to no scarring to the surface skin as they use a cooling spray to cool the skin while heating the deeper skin layers. They also require less downtime. Each session lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours and you are often asked to resume your everyday schedule immediately without having to take time for recovery.

Often one or more treatments may be combined for fast results. Although not as fast acting as skin tightening treatments, you should always consider healthier and more natural alternatives like exercise and diet as they are the most effective in getting rid of the loose skin on the stomach for long term results.

What caused your loose skin on stomach? Was it due to your pregnancy or perhaps recent weight loss? Sagging skin after weight loss results from excess subcutaneous (beneath the skin) fat, which is caused when the body fat to muscle ratio changes during crash dieting or surgical fat removal, due to the loss of muscle mass. A fast way to improve body tone is by including a good weight training program into your exercise routine that builds lean muscle mass. Muscle can hold the skin, improving its firmness. It is also important to include a good nutrition plan containing ample protein for maintaining the muscle mass.

If you want fast results, non surgical treatments are an option. But they can be expensive and often the results last up to a couple of years. Consider, natural alternatives which are inexpensive and have long lasting results.