Lysine Herpes Zoster Treatment Review

Lysine Herpes

Currently modern day medicine can only offer supportive treatment to lessen the discomfort of herpes virus symptoms and increase the time intervals between virus flare ups. Lysine herpes treatment is an innovative herpes virus therapy has been proven in in-vitro studies to help fight both herpes zoster and herpes simplex, however, more research is still needed to validate this study.

Modern medical research has not been successful enough to find a cure for a number of herpes virus conditions that manifest themselves by itchy red lesions that can spread virtually anywhere on a patient’s body. In addition, a herpes simplex virus is highly contagious and can be easily passed on to any family member by direct contact or sharing common household objects like dishes, silverware, towels and bed sheets. On average one million new individuals experience their first herpes outbreak every year in the US alone. For patients affected by herpes zoster or as it’s commonly called shingles, lysine treatment can bring incredible relief of symptoms and help recover faster.

Lysine herpes treatment is centered on the use of this essential amino acid that is one of the most important building blocks for the synthesis of protein for humans. According to some preliminary clinical studies lysine herpes treatment is a proven way to help body control the frequency of flare ups and lessen the intensity of genital and oral herpes symptoms. Lysine herpes therapy works by inhibiting herpes virus replication process.

The right dosage for lysine herpes therapy should be individually selected in order to achieve the best results with few side effects. Long term lysine herpes treatment is not recommended due to possible disruption in the normal endocrine function of the body. A typical lysine herpes therapy dosage is about 500 mg to be taken on an empty stomach every day.

A condition called herpes gestationis can not benefit from the use of lysine herpes treatment because it is not caused by a herpes simplex virus by merely a result from high levels of pregnancy hormones that might trigger herpes like itch in some women.

In case you kitty is diagnosed with feline herpes virus, talk to your veterinarian if your pet can benefit from lysine herpes therapy.