Male Stretch Marks Causes

Male Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (striae) do not discriminate by gender and affect males just as much as they do females. Male stretch marks are formed on the skin as a response to stretching and are actually considered linear scars. Live Strong website explains that skin could be compared to rubber that only stretches so far. Male stretch marks can be caused by a number of different factors, and the specific cause may be one factor or many factors combined. Male stretch marks affect more than fifty percent of the manly population, and in some cases these marks may be caused by genetics. Some people are more likely to develop them than others under the same circumstances. The location of these unsightly skin defects in males, however, is different since males have a different fat deposition pattern.

Teenage stretch marks are common in both sexes during puberty, because of rapid growth spurts that your skin may not be able to keep up with. The elasticity of skin, whether it is male or female, can only go so far, and when this limit is exceeded then striae are the result. Physical fitness activities and muscle building workouts are also a common cause for male stretch marks. When large bulks of muscle are created in a short time period, your skin can not stretch to cover this growth, and scars will usually appear. Obesity may also cause men to develop them , especially if there was a significant weight loss, because the ability of your skin to shrink may be overwhelmed by the speed at which the weight is lost.

Male stretch marks may also be caused by adrenal gland diseases or corticosteroid use, because both of these conditions can cause excessive muscle or weight gain which stretches the skin. Dark purple male stretch marks are normally the most recent ones, while those that have aged will become lighter and less visible. There are many different causes of striae for both men and women, and preventing these marks is not always possible. There are creams and treatments which can lighten stretch marks or make their appearance less noticeable, and some may also prevent further white lines from occurring. Revitol stretch mark cream may help fade ugly skin defects in men and women, regardless of the cause.

You can not completely prevent this skin problem, however, you can take measure to significantly reduce their appearance. Home remedies for stretch marks can be helpful in this situation, by helping to keep your skin healthy and as elastic as possible. By addressing the underlying causes of these scars from the outside and the inside equally, the skin’s ability to withstand weight fluctuations without forming scars will be much improved. There are some dietary supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and C that promote faster skin healing and improve its condition. Incorporating fish, nuts and healthy whole grains are some of the best nutritional decisions both males and females can make for healthier skin. Daily application of high emollient skin lotions and creams that contain collagen boosting ingredients will help make skin highly elastic to combat potential white lines.

If you are curious to learn more about this skin condition, refer to Dr. Oz article covering this topic.