Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy – Will It Work For Me?

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy

One of the most highly rated products available today for stretch marks is Mederma. This product claims that ¾ of people who used it were satisfied with the results, indicating that they had experienced positive outcomes from the use of the product. So how effective is Mederma stretch mark therapy? And, will it work any better than Grandma’s tried and true method of cocoa butter stretch marks removal?

The truth is that there really is no non-surgical treatment to completely remove scars and stretch marks. That damage is internal, and deep within your skin’s layers. No lotion or jelly on this planet, including Mederma stretch mark therapy, is going to reach neither region where the core of those scars and marks lies. That being said, this fact alone has not prevented a consistent flood of products claiming to cure stretch marks.

Mederma actually does use science to back some of its claims, however, and for that we have to give them some credit. The active ingredient contained in Mederma Stretch mark Therapy is Allium Cepa, which is onion extract. Please do not create your own home remedies for stretch marks with onions, we’re going to go ahead and assume they do not work the same way. In lab studies, Allium Cepa improved scars in the ears of rabbits. However, to date there is no evidence that onion extract yields the same results in humans and in tests involving wound healing with onion extract in humans, the results did not indicate that the extract was successful.

Stretch marks after pregnancy are common, and although they can be huge and scary looking, they have one thing going for them and that is that they are fresh. One of the claims of Mederma stretch mark therapy is that it works on both old and new stretch marks. The sad truth is that stretch marks don’t go away no matter where they are located and how long they have been there. Stretch marks are caused by a tear in your dermis. That tear will heal, but the damage is normally irreversible. If you start early with treating your stomach stretch marks, shortly after they appear, you have a better chance of minimizing the look of these marks.

While permanent scars, stretch marks can, be covered up. Using self tanner is one way to reduce the appearance of your silver streaks. Some topical treatments can slightly lighten the color of the areas as well. However, if you are seeking a permanent solution, skip the Mederma and put those many pennies in a save jar for laser surgery.