Nail Fungus Symptoms – Watch Out For Discolored or Thickened Nails!

Nail Fungus Symptoms

Headed to the manicurist and you notice that your nail looks a little off? Maybe a little dull? Don’t cover it up with artificial nails or bedazzle it with those little gems, you might have a fungus infected fingernail!

Nail fungus symptoms vary, and since nail types can vary also, it may be hard to determine if your symptoms are nail fungus or not. One of the tell tale symptoms of nail fungus is something that can seem very innocuous; a white or yellow spot under the nail. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to send people racing for that doctor’s appointment, but a fingernail infection should not be ignored. Other nail fungus symptoms will soon start to manifest if left untreated.

Fingernail fungus can cause your nails to thicken. Don’t take this as a blessing from above if you have thin nails, it’s a nail fungus symptom. While not always a dead ringer for a fungus invasion, if paired with any other symptoms, it might be time to see a doctor. Ragged and crumbly conditions are nail fungus symptoms that are more likely to cause you to seek treatment. A more noticeable change is distortion in the shape of the nail, a less easy to ignore of the nail fungus symptoms.

One of the more severe nail fungus symptoms is onycholysis, a condition whereby the nail is actually infected enough to separate from the nail bed. This painful condition may even cause a noticeable smell and if none of the above clues have sent you racing for a checkup, this one will.

Thankfully, your doctor will have many options available and will be able to alleviate your concerns regarding how to treat nail fungus. Oral and topical anti fungal treatments are available to ease your symptoms and begin to attack the root of the problem, a fungal infection lurking deep within your nail bed. Though lengthily, treatment for nail fungus is usually successful. Remember, the sooner you speak with your health care provider about your condition, the sooner you can begin your treatment plan.