Natural Hair Straighteners For Black Hair

Natural Hair Straighteners

Relaxers can be extremely damaging to hair, and in some cases, dangerous to the consumer. For people looking for natural hair relaxers, or perhaps something to use on children that is safe and effective, a natural hair straightener might be right for you. Buyer beware however: Many products that claim to be all natural are not, and you have to be diligent about looking at the product labels. Secondly, you have to be realistic about your expectations. While it’s true that you will get results from a natural hair straightener, it is extremely likely that you will be less satisfied with them than you would be thermal hair straightening or other traditional methods. In fact, you will get the most successful results from karatin hair straightening, however it does employ the use of chemicals that over time can damage the hair, and is very costly and requires repetitive treatments.

If you don’t want to incur the expense, drama and danger of traditional hair straightening products and methods, then you are in luck because nowadays it’s easier than ever to find affordable products you can safely use at home. For instance, Curlaway is a long term use product that provides consistently better results with use. Terrible smell aside, it has proven an effective tool for many users. Another popular natural hair straightener is Baka Beauty Natural-Laxer. It not only provides subtle straightening, but also works from the inside to improve the condition of hair, and is completely all natural. Janelle Beauty Diva Smooth Chemical Free Relaxer will require you break out that damage causing flat iron, however the product purportedly prevents damage and breakage making hitting locks with the ceramic sandwich less of an issue.

No matter which natural hair straightener you select, do your homework before hand. Read reviews from users that seem to have a similar hair type to you. It doesn’t matter if a product works on hair that is drastically different from your own, and you would be silly to expect similar results. Go by hair type and texture when comparing products and look for those that are tailored to your needs.