Natural Skin Tightening – Herbs, Food and Homemade Masks!

Natural Skin Tightening

While natural remedies are often thought of as hokey or ineffective, when it comes to natural skin tightening, that can’t be further from the truth. Loose skin on stomach, face and neck areas often need surgical intervention to repair, and many people just aren’t ready to take that leap and look for alternatives. Some people try skin tightening cream as an alternative to surgery and have little success, for these people, or those looking to just looking for a natural way to firm and tighten skin, herbs, diet and homemade masks are great alternatives when combined with exercise and muscle building and toning.

Green tea is a great all purpose herb, and it can bring a lot of benefit to your skin. Packed with antioxidants that can help rebuild cells, enjoying a cup of brewed green tea a day yields few side effects and can lead to natural skin tightening. Grapeseed extract can increase collagen production and collagen can help build firmer and tighter skin. If you’re looking to use your diet for natural skin tightening, you’re in luck! Your body loves getting it’s good stuff from the inside, and adding omega 3’s and B vitamins into your diet will not only help you feel better, it can help give your skin what it needs to be healthy and radiant. Interested in a mask for a little extra oomph? Combine yogurt, egg whites, apple juice, apple cider vinegar and ground nut oil to make a mask, and apply over warm skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove. Add a small amount of glycerin for extra moisturizing effect.

Natural skin tightening is ideal for people looking to add a little extra firmness to their dermis. However, it isn’t going to be effective for people who have lost a substantial amount of weight and have sagging skin, or post pregnancy women who have excess amounts of abdominal covering. Stomach skin tightening in extreme cases needs surgery to repair, and other excessive instances may need laser or RF treatment, or other skin tightening procedures to correct. Consider your individual situation to determine if natural methods for firming the skin are right for you, and remember to consult with your doctor before using any herbal remedies or home treatments.