Non Healing Wound – When To Be Concerned?

Non Healing Wound

Wound healing, which is body’s natural response, takes place in several phases in an orderly fashion. The three major stages in wound healing are inflammation, proliferation and maturation. Usually, all wounds heal in this order, but sometimes due to several causes one of the stages is prolonged and results in chronic non healing wound.

Common chronic wounds include venous stasis ulcers, diabetes ulcers and pressure ulcers. Sometimes, the natural healing order is affected and prolonged due to infections, hypoxia, foreign bodies, and trauma or due to systemic conditions like diabetes, poor-nutrition, medications and immune deficiency.

A very common reason for prolonged healing is infection. Foreign bodies are usually limited by the body, but when the concentration of foreign bodies reaches a certain threshold, body’s immune system is compromised. In this case, debridement of wounds is an option to spot the spreading of infection. To prevent infection, care must be taken to clean and dress the wound regularly. You can use a wound cleanser to clean and disinfect the wound for hastening the healing process and limiting infection.

Pain, associated with a non healing wound can cause a lot distress to the sufferer, in terms of length of time and cost of health care. Sometimes, what appears to be chronic wound can actually be cancerous tumor. A non healing wound can also be an indication of serious immune conditions.

When your pain of your non healing wound is persistent and you are facing distress and disability, you should be concerned and get the best treatment available before any serious damage can be done.

There are several advancements in wound healing in the recent years. According to Medscape reference, one of the emerging technologies is hyperbaric therapy (increases the oxygen in the blood plasma), which according to the recent data showed to reduce the risk of leg amputations associated with diabetic foot ulcer. One of the recent, most intriguing development is stem cell therapy, which, when implemented to the wound, provides pluripotential stem cells that grow into durable tissue, healing the wound.

Holistic treatments are often advised by the doctors for a full recovery. Nutrition and wound healing are very closely related to each other as mal-nutrition can cause immune deficiencies, which result in major health conditions along with chronic wounds.