Nutrition And Wound Healing – What Is The Link?

Nutrition And Wound Healing

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and is very capable of healing itself when providing with what it needs. Nutrition and wound healing go hand in hand. Malnutrition is one of the major causes for delayed wound healing and the formation of an non healing wound.

Wound healing process is very intricate and takes place in several stages in an orderly fashion. Sometimes, because of a nutritional deficiency or an imbalance, immune system is compromised. The result is delayed wound healing, causing distress and disability to the person suffering.

The first habit to immediately change for a speedy wound healing is to avoid all junk and processed food. Nutrition and wound healing are very intricate because the body utilizes nutrition from the food to heal. When junk/processed food is consumed, body sacrifices its own nutrients to digest them. As a result, an imbalance due to deficiency is created in the body which disables it to carry on the function of healing.

Food is the greatest drug there is and when consumed appropriately, many health conditions that result from nutritional deficiencies can be corrected. Correcting the imbalances and providing extra nutrients is vital for the body to recover from the deficiency and heal the wound properly.

Body needs adequate calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals to perform several bodily functions effectively. These macro and micro nutrients are required in more quantities during the healing process. Wound healing nutrition should contain adequate amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, adequate protein and sometimes the mineral zinc supplementation, all required for speedy healing.

Consume plenty of vegetable, fruits and recommended servings of healthy fats and whole grains. Acknowledging the relation between nutrition and wound healing, Doctors are designing specific diets appropriate to the patients’ wounds, for a speedy recovery.

Sometimes when the immune system is compromised due to poor nutrition, foreign bodies can attack the wound and cause infection. Debridement of wounds will be performed when the infection is severe.

Nutrition and wound healing are two different subjects when understood and studied in relation, can be used to increase body’s natural defenses and the ability for a speedy healing.