Oily Skin Care Celebrity Secrets Revealed!

Oily Skin Care

When it comes to oily skin care, celebrities know best. Their careers depend on looking great every day. They know the tips, tricks, and secrets on how to reduce oily skin in between trips to the spa.

One of the most popular responses by celebrities when asked how they keep their skin looking so amazing is that they drink water. Even for very oily skin, water is crucial to maintaining a successful oily skin care routine.

Jennifer Aniston is well known for her gorgeous facial frontage and is also known for cheaping out, enjoying Neutrogena products for her skin as opposed to more outlandishly priced products. Neutrogena is well known to be a great oily skin care product, and can help you achieve your oil-free celebrity look.

Sunscreen might not be the most important item in your skin care for oily skin regimen, but it shouldn’t go unused either. Make sure that you are including an item with an SPF every day. It might not be high on the list of oily skin remedies, but skin protection is as important as how skin looks. Halle Berry attributes some of her stunning facial flawlessness to being careful of the sun’s damage.

Other celebrity tidbits include refraining from heading to bed without washing your face, and cleaning your cell phone. Our cell phones pick up more germs in a day than a bathroom door handle. Sure, they’re your germs, but that doesn’t mean you want them smeared all over your freshly washed face. Dirt and oil recontamination are important to remember, as re-infesting your face with the same greasy spread you just washed off is more than counterproductive. Keep a fresh supply of washcloths in your bathroom as well as a part of your oily skin care routine. This way you have a clean cloth for drying after every wash. A community cloth is going to collect and share community dirt and oil, and occasionally toothpaste. Don’t forget about the toothpaste.

We look to celebrities for their skin care tips because they are the know-it-all sources of how to look beautiful every day. By using some of their surprising tips above, you can start to supplement your current regimen and begin to see your celebrity skin start to peek through.