Oily Skin Causes – Hormones, Poor Diet and Stress!

Oily Skin Causes

If you feel like there is more grease on your oily forehead than on your French fries, you probably have oily skin. There are a lot of oily skin causes, and while some of them you might be stuck with, others can be lessened or even eliminated.

The first way to find the cause of the butter highway that separates your hairline from your chin line is to blame your mother. Heredity plays a major factor in determining skin type. If your mom polished her shoes with facial drippings you can almost count on her passing her genetic gifts on to you. But what if you don’t have a family history of oily skin and are unable to pinpoint your oily skin causes? Well, in that scenario we need to look at hormones; in this case, an over abundance of them. Androgens are the hormones that tell your body to produce oil, and sometimes they throw the “less is more” phrase out the window. Unfortunately for you, the chin, forehead and nose are the areas where the most oil producing glands are located, so your oily T-Zone and center cut bacon are neck in neck for the oily championship, and your T-Zone is in the lead. Sebaceous glands are the oil factories of your largest organ, and they are most predominant in the face and scalp. So if you have oily skin, chances are you are also cursed with oily hair too as the glands don’t seem to discriminate, they are equal opportunity excreters. While blaming mom and hormones can be fun, you might also be to blame for your mayonnaise rodeo. There are conflicting opinions in the medical community as to the effects of diet on oil production, but some studies have linked greasy and high fat foods, chocolate, and even iodine to the amount of oil the sebaceous glands are cranking out, contributing to your oily face. Stress is another factor that needs to be considered. Cortisol is produced by an over-stressed body and it encourages oil production. So the oily forehead that is causing you stress might be actually caused by stress.

There are many oily skin causes, and while some of them might be out of your control, or are gifts you were born with, some are treatable and preventable. Determining the source of your oily skin causes can be the first step in solving your skin care issues, and preventing future occurrences.