Old Spice Body Wash Review

Old Spice Body Wash

Years ago, Old Spice was something we used to refer to the smell of the “mature male.” This brand, good or bad, had quite a reputation as being the exclusive line for elderly gentlemen. Those days have passed, and Old Spice has made huge strides in reinventing its image to not only cater to a younger crowd, but to be a multigenerational, inexpensive, personal product powerhouse. While the iconic sailboat still graces the packaging of its more traditional products, hip new styling and viral ads have helped push Old Spice into the next era of personal care.

Old Spice body wash may be the most successful of the company’s latest hits. With a large variety of very different scents, with matching deodorants, sprays and other complementary products, they literally make every “man essential” needed for the minimal daily care routine of most guys. “Fiji” scented Old Spice body wash combines the scent of the tropics with rustic man in beautiful harmony. “Matterhorn” scented Old Spice body wash takes you to the top of a mountain, but still smells fresh and clean. While there are many amazing scents to choose from, all different and unique, the cleansing power has not been forgotten or undermined. Looking for the best cleanser for oily skin and the dreaded “man back-acne”? Search no more, Old Spice body wash is the product for you. Winter skin got you down? The best cleanser for dry skin can be yours for around $4.00.

Major competitors like Axe body wash offer little in the way of competition. While these products cater toward the younger crowd, Old Spice answered right back with hip scents like “Swagger” which is more than comparable to the higher priced Axe products.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to beauty products. But, if you’re looking for a quality product that costs about the same as making homemade body wash that provides a vast array of very different scents and a complete product line to keep your scent synonymous the whole day, consider Old Spice, it’s not your Grandpa’s stuff anymore.