Olive Oil For Acne Treatment Review

Olive Oil For Acne

When all other methods for treating acne have failed, most people with acne prone skin turn to natural remedies, including olive oil for acne. Can olive oil for acne truly help treat breakouts and prevent them from happening? While olive oil has numerous health benefits, it can not treat acne per say, however, it does have incredible skin healing properties and can help fade acne scarring to some extent.

Olive oil works by triggering skin regenerating abilities, hydrating and improving skin’s elasticity. When acne affected skin is well moisturized, blemishes heal faster and there’s a lesser chance of developing serious acne scarring. Olive oil is used in combination with lemon juice twice daily. To make olive oil natural acne treatment combine 1 tablespoon of olive oil with a splash lemon juice. You can massage this mixture all over acne affected areas, including face, neck and even back. Allow olive oil for acne work for approximately 15-20 minutes and wash it away with warm water following with an oil free facial moisturizer. It’s recommended you repeat this procedure in the evening for best results.

Additionally, you can prepare olive oil for acne scrub by combining baking soda with some olive oil and massaging skin gently once every few days. Avoid doing this daily because any scrubbing might damage sensitive skin and cause more blemishes and scarring. This scrub opens pores and gently exfoliates skin.

Other natural oils can be used for acne skin conditions. For example, jojoba oil acne skin care products are effective to provide excellent skin hydration without the risk of clogging pores. Jojoba oil is a great neutral and gentle moisturizer for all skin types.

Coconut oil acne solutions are also very effective in treating this skin ailment. Coconut oil has a list of antibacterial, antiviral and anti parasitic properties that your skin can benefit from. Apply only organic virgin coconut oil mask on clean skin daily, wash with lukewarm water and oil free acne wash.