Onion Juice For Hair Loss – How To Use It?

Onion Juice For Hair Loss

Alopecia sufferers are used to patchy hair loss on the scalp and other areas where hair cover is common. For some people, their balding beakers are a result of disease or medications, for other, such a thing as hair loss vitamin deficiency can occur, usually involving a reduction in the amount of iron in the body. While most people are treated medically with topical products such as Minoxodil, something a little less common is creeping up in the alternative medicine market, and while it won’t replace medicated products, a study showed that 86% of test participants had success with onion juice for hair loss.

As with any alternative or natural remedy, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this date ruining veggie on your cranium. If your doctor green lights your unusual treatment, making onion juice for hair loss is actually quite simple. You can make your own aromatic glaze but peeling the skin from a few onions and dicing them, tossing them into a juicer and sending the results to a clear mason jar for storage in the refrigerator. Before using onion juice for hair loss, be sure to shake the contents and pour how much you will need into a glass to come up to reasonable temperature before slathering all over your dome. Use gloves and cotton balls to apply the juice similar to dabbing a wound with alcohol. Do this twice per day to patchy areas.

What if onions aren’t your thing? Onion juice for hair loss might not be your cup of tea, but things found in nature, primarily fruits and vegetables are what our hair needs to stay healthy. Matter of fact, if you are looking for a diet for healthy hair, you are almost always going to run into high protein diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables. Coconut oil benefits for hair include adding shine and moisture, yet another way that good things from the Earth keep our bodies healthy and beautiful.

While onions don’t have the fragrance of a coconut, studies have shown it to be a useful tool in stimulating hair growth. It needs to be avoided on nights you are expecting company for the pungent smell, but if you have the time to dab it on twice per day, you might just see more hair week by week.