Over The Counter Steroid Cream – Is It Effective?

Over The Counter Steroid Cream

Over the counter steroid cream is a quick fix to many forms of dermatitis. Instant relief from raw, red and itchy skin is a great selling point for over the counter steroid cream. If you suffer from eczema, purchasing an eczema treatment over the counter is preferable to making home remedies for eczema as it is quicker to buy the product than make it, and the relief comes at a faster pace as well. However, there are side effects to any steroid creams, which will shed a different light on using emollients for eczema or natural and organic cures.

Over the counter steroid cream may contain 1% Hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone can break down the skin’s ability to act as a barricade to germs and diseases. If that barricade is penetrated, the body is exposed to severe illness. While dermatitis can certainly feel like a severe illness, it does not infect your bloodstream and cause major damage to your internal organs. For example, you must not use over the counter steroid cream if you have eyelid eczema. Using a prescription steroid cream or an over the counter one on your eyes can cause blindness.

Skin can also build up immunity to steroid cream. Once that happens, you must use more steroid cream to combat the rash, causing your skin to thin even more and allowing more internal damage. While your skin is trying to protect you from the steroid’s damage so that nothing can penetrate and cause you to become sick, you are adding more steroid cream to get rid of your rash, and your skin’s ability to give you the internal protection you need. Home remedies take time to prepare, administer and work, however they are safer means to the relief you are seeking.