Permanent Mascara – What Doctors Are Saying About It?

Permanent Mascara

Doctors rarely dabble in the affairs of cosmetic treatments beyond those who rely on plastic surgery for their livelihood of course. But in the case of eye cosmetics, beauty enhancing products that are applied so closely to our sensitive peepers, medical community tends to take a bit more notice. Thankfully, permanent mascara tends to affect the eyes very little as it holds true to its name and stays put. While this means good news for keeping your baby blues safe and not irritated, reviewers have been less than pleased overall with the results.

Let’s pretend for a moment that applying an everyday smudge proof mascara is a difficult task. Of all the components of a woman’s cosmetic ritual, the application of mascara is for most people the quickest and easiest amongst them. Why on Earth people would want to apply permanent mascara to prevent this part of beautification is beyond most people. However still, this purported 28 day miracle is creating quite a buzz, luring thousands of women in with its promise of month long, beautiful lashes.

Look for instance at the amount of time it takes to apply permanent mascara. It takes over an hour in some cases to apply and set the product. Over the course of a month, applying this brushed on lengthener will most likely take much less than an hour. The ingredients in mascara differ from those on drugstore shelves also, so what was once effective for your luxurious batting weaponry might fall flat if you elect to go with a permanent or semi permanent mascara.

Overall, the reviews on this product are mixed, but many people report only having a quality look for a few days to a week after application. This revelation undermines the entire basis for which these cosmetics are built on. Reports have included clumping, flaking, and lash loss. Given the noted difficulty in applying permanent mascara, it is of course possible that many of the unfavorable results could simply be a matter of user error. Either way, everyone’s lashes are unique to them, and what works on one person might be a disaster on another. Be aware of any changes in your eyes when using new products, and because of the multi step and multi product application involved with these cosmetics, it is important to seek prompt medical attention if you end up with a little bit of something in your eye that causes a reaction.