Plantar Warts In Children – How To Treat Them Safely?

Plantar Warts In Children

Plantar warts can show up on your child’s feet after they run around barefoot in warm moist areas like pools, public bathrooms and virtually anywhere where an infected person stepped on. It’s important to teach your children prevention and using special rubber shoes every time they walk around wet public areas.

Luckily, removing plantar warts is relatively easy compared to any other types of warts if you catch them early at the beginning stage. Instruct your children not to touch plantar warts on their feet during treatment and not share footwear or towels with any other family members. If swimming in pools in unavoidable, you can cover your child’s plantar warts with a strong band aid to avoid transmitting the virus to other people.

When it comes to removing warts in children, using safe products is essential. Many parents swear by using duct tape to remove plantar warts from the children’s feet. It’s very easy, safe and very inexpensive to use. You can cut a slightly larger than the wart area piece of duct tape and place it over warts for several weeks. Surprisingly, in 2-3 weeks the wart starts showing signs of degeneration and eventually disappears. This may happen due to your immune system’s trigger mechanism that reacts to duct tape’s presence over a period of time. Sometimes several duct tape applications might be necessary to remove plantar warts.

Duofilm wart remover is another great way to safely remove plantar warts in children that could be successfully combined with the duct tape therapy. Duofilm product contains a dose of salicylic acid that can effectively eliminate warts on feet on anywhere on the body.

If all methods fail, your child’s pediatrician might recommend Cryotherapy for freezing warts with liquid nitrogen application. Cryotherapy causes a blister to form over a wart that eventually falls off. This is, however, more painful than any other treatment and is reserved as a last resort.