Plantar Warts Treatment Options – What To Avoid?

Plantar Warts Treatment

Plantar warts can feel like having little rocks taped to your feet, and thus treating them can be a bit more challenging than warts on other parts of the body. As with some remedies, the associated side effects of some plantar warts treatment can sometimes be worse than the little beastie causing you agony on your morning runs.

Burning warts (electrosurgery) should be avoided unless urged by your physician. There is little evidence to suggest that it is any more effective than traditional wart removal surgery, although both methods can cause the same detrimental side effects including, but not limited to, painful scarring, possible infection, and the possibility of the wart coming right back, to say nothing of the associated cost. Before jumping under the laser, consider trying less invasive techniques including over the counter salicylic acid warts treatments. While they take substantially longer than surgical removal, they will not cause the scarring or pain associated with surgical removal in the aforementioned plantar warts treatment. Your doctor will decide if surgical removal is necessary based on your current health condition.

Cryotherapy is another plantar warts treatment, but unlike laser surgery, can be performed either at home or by a physician (in two different manners of course). In both cases, the treatment can be painful, although the risk of scarring is absent. Blisters can occur however, which can be just as painful as the wart you were trying to remove. With the availability of home remedies, unless recommended by a physician, cryotherapy should be avoided due to its associated costs and potential pain factor.

Home remedies that sound questionable should also be avoided. If it doesn’t sound like it needs to go on your feet, don’t put it there. While some home remedies are staples and even tested in the medical community such as the plantar warts duct tape trick, others like red clover and kalium sulphate have no relevance to the medical community and shouldn’t be ingested in an attempt to cleanse the body of wartly toxins. Banana peels have been explored as a treatment option, and sticking a banana to your foot probably won’t have any adverse side effects. Use common sense when trying home remedies, and avoid any that sound wacky.

When searching for the best plantar warts treatment for you, remember that the majority of warts remedy themselves over the course of a couple years. But, if your wart is particularly bothersome to you, try some over the counter options to save yourself money and aggravation. If you are unable to get relief, or your wart changes, brings friends, or causes more pain than you think is normal, a visit to your health care practitioner is most certainly in order.