Plaque Psoriasis Causes And Natural Treatment Options

Plaque Psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis is an immune system disease. The T immune cells become over active and cause the skin to react. The skin makes new cells too quickly. This results in red, raised patches of skin that have plaques, or silvery scales. Plaques can be painful or itchy. They can also bleed. There are about 1.5 million American adults who suffer from plaque psoriasis.

The plaque psoriasis treatment goal is to slow down the turnover of cells. This means suppressing the immune cells that cause the problem. Natural treatments used in conjunction with medical interventions can help bring psoriasis under control. Each patient is different, so you may have to try several options.

Since emotional stress plays a significant role in plaque psoriasis flares, learning to manage stress is essential. Some people find a combination of water and various bath sea salts provide relief. A healthy diet improves your overall health and helps bring the immune system back into balance. There is no specific psoriasis diet, however. Homeopathic practitioners can make specific recommendations about plaque psoriasis treatment. Vitamins and herbs can be helpful. Be sure to tell your doctor which ones you are using because they could have negative interactions with medications that you take.

You can ask your pharmacist about over the counter psoriasis treatment. Moisturizing products with aloe vera, oat derivatives, neem oil, tea tree oil, jojoba, evening primrose oil and capsaicin are good choices to try. Shampoos with coal tar sometimes make an effective scalp psoriasis treatment.
If you do not get relief you may have to try some of the biologic medications like Stelara psoriasis treatment, Enbrel or Humira to control your plaque psoriasis. It is not natural for your immune system to turn against you. There aren’t always natural solutions. If you don’t get relief, your doctor can help.