Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Review – Cost and Benefits!

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

There are all sorts of devices and gadgets in which skin can be tightened, according to the purveyors of these products of course. One of the newest (but still pretty old) redesigns of an older method is radio frequency skin tightening (RF). Waves are passed through the skin in a painless procedure which supposedly stimulates collagen production and firms the skin. EndyMed’s new 3DEEP technology takes this a step further claiming that their product also offers all of the benefits of traditional radio frequency skin tightening, but, because it targets deeper parts of the skin, provides better and more visible results.

RF skin tightening procedures are not right for everyone. For instance, sagging necks and loose skin after pregnancy often require surgical procedures to fully correct. But, for people who are just looking for some firming and condensing, this method might be right for you. The great part? No pain, no downtime and no recovery. The other great part? Believe it or not, it’s cost. While still more than traditional laser skin tightening cost, RF treatments are still a cheaper option than a scalpel, and the difference in loot spent can be rationalized with the zero pain factor. It’s truly ideal for people who are scared of needles and ouchies. Be advised though that cost can vary and procedures like Exilis skin tightening will likely be cheaper than the newer EndyMed 3DEEP treatment.

While not everyone sees results with radio frequency skin tightening, there are some things you can do to ensure that you have the best results possible. For starters, your skin type prior to the procedure is very important, so get it healthy. Dry skin that isn’t vey elastic is going to respond much less than a supple and stretchable dermis. It’s also important to make sure that if you’re on a weight loss kick that you achieve your goals (slowly, or you’re just going to make more sag) before the procedure. Lose more weight and you’ll undo any radio frequency skin tightening benefits that you’ve achieved, never mind already paid for. Schedule a consultation with an experienced dermatologist to see if this system is right for you!