Reduce Cellulite Diet Plan: Do’s and Don’ts!

Reduce Cellulite Diet Plan

Cellulite – just the word makes just about everyone think of either a lumpy orange peel or an inappropriately dressed, bikini clad beach goer sporting ripples and bumps all over far too exposed cellulite legs or arms. While there are many purported causes of this very common skin condition, there are also a large variety of treatments, some effective and others, not so much. Some people claim that a laser cellulite treatment is the end all be all therapy of choice to rid their skin of the dimples and ditches that mar their dermis while others contend that a liposuction cellulite procedure is the only remedy. While extreme options can certainly be appealing, they’re expensive and invasive in many cases. More low key options do exist, such as a relaxing and often therapeutic anti cellulite massage, however there is one important easy maintenance method that you may very well be overlooking, and that is the cellulite diet plan.

Since both metabolism changes and extreme dieting have both been linked to the formation of this unpleasant dermal plague, it’s not unrealistic to think that diet may play a role. Considering food’s ability to alter metabolism, boost circulation and bring natural balance to the body, a cellulite diet plan may be just the ticket for you. Not only will it likely prove effective, it also will cost you a lot less money and be a whole lot easier to commit to. Side effects? None! Just a healthier you with a lot less cottage cheese skin! We’ve compiled a list of simple do’s and don’ts for you to consider when electing a cellulite diet plan to help you get started!

DON’T: Eat too much salt and sugar. Sugar is stored in fat, which is what is causing your bumps and bulges. Salt on the other hand can contribute to water retention, which can make even a mild case of cellulite look a whole lot worse!

DO: Try some kelp. While it may not sound very appetizing, kelp can help you maximize your body’s fat burning potential. If you can’t stomach eating actual kelp, consider the dried version and incorporate it into other foods you have integrated into your cellulite diet plan.

DON’T: Forget to drink water! The water you drink is what your body uses as a virtual dishwasher in order to rid your being of toxins and other nasties. A build up of those or a lack of fluid balance in the body can exacerbate the appearance of your lumps and bumps.

DO: Drink green tea. It’s been shown to help boost metabolism and if that’s the root of your dimply dilemma, adding green tea into your cellulite diet plan is almost sure to provide results. It also contains a powerful compound that is thought to break up reserves of fat dwelling deep under your dermis meaning that adding a couple of mugfuls a day might be the best way to get rid of cellulite for under 5 bucks!