Removing Gel Nails At Home Tips

Removing Gel Nails

After your fresh coat of uv gel nail polish has lost its original luster, or you become tired of having assistance to open cans, you may consider removing gel nails. If ever there was a time that Lee Press Ons from the 80’s were handy to have around, it’s at removal time. No matter if you’ve had bio gel nails applied or something else, getting them off isn’t done in the same methods that it used to be. You can use products like Gelish nails removal soak if you like, but to do them at home without purchasing a bunch or products (you already spent a pretty penny on those ibd nails in the first place no doubt) all you really need is a steady hand and a nail file.

You may cringe at the thought of taking a file to your precious icn nails, but it’s the cheapest, surefire way to guarantee removal and protection of the nail underneath. To start removing gel nails at home, get your file (150-180 grit) ready. Start by cutting away protrusions with a clipper. Use the file to evenly and gently wear away the gel and move it around while filing so it doesn’t feel toasty or uncomfortable. This will not be a five minute fix, and removing gel nails via this method is going to take awhile, so get comfortable. You are likely going to shake up a lot of dust, and get rid of it as often as possible. The amount of dust you are kicking up is a clue as to how close to the natural nail you are. Once you start seeing a dramatic reduction in dust, you know you’re getting close to your hidden real nail. When you are close to your own nails, swap out your tool to a finer file and continue very gently to get rid of any remaining gel. Being cautious will help you to not damage the nail underneath.

When you are all done with the major task of removing gel nails, use a buffer to smooth the surface and reduce the appearance of any lingering scratches. While this method may not be the quickest and easiest way, if done properly, it can be an inexpensive way to reveal your natural nail with minimal damage.