Restylane Injections Under Eyes: Pros and Cons

Restylane Injections Under Eyes

It may seem like no big deal to have Restylane injections at various points around the face where wrinkles are common. Lines from laughing, frowning, smiling and even wincing can permanently mar the surface of the skin and options such as dermal fillers exist to correct this common issue. While fillings in the lips and cheeks and near the chin rarely are a cause for concern, having this type of deep wrinkle treatment done around the eye can be a whole lot more risky and can yield much more undesirable results. We’ll explore the pros and cons of having a Restylane under eyes procedure so that you can ask the right questions of your doctor to ensure that your therapy is both safe and effective and help you determine whether or not Restylane injections are right for you.

It’s important to understand that Restylane is not typically used for the areas around the eyes. It’s approved and been tested for use in the areas around the base of the nose and the mouth and those are the areas that it’s common for Restylane injections to occur. As such, it’s not uncommon for reactions that are not typical to occur when they are used in places that they were not intended for. Because of this, unpleasant outcomes have been reported when used under the eyes. Swelling that is prolonged and lumps and also, discoloration have all been noted, although uncommon, with Restylane injections. Additionally, there is some question as to whether Restylane is an appropriate product for using under the eyes because it tends to last a bit shorter than its similarly utilized competitor, Juvederm injections, which can last up to a full year versus Restylane’s couple of months. Because of this, the treatments need to occur more frequently when using Restylane injections which subjects the sensitive skin around the eye to more often attacks and also puts the patient at greater risk for eye injury.

However, when performed under the care of a very skilled and very well trained doctor, Restylane Injections can and have been used successfully to add volume and fullness to the area of often saggy skin underneath the eyes. There are a couple of different types of this product and your doctor will determine which one is best for you. It’s very popular because side effects are quite minimal and short in duration, all positive pros for this cosmetic crinkle remedy.

Ultimately, it will be up to your doctor to determine which type of dermal filler is ideal for your skin and this will depend on your age, your reaction to different types of products, and the severity level of your skin problems. He or she may decide that Restylane injections are suitable for you, but, perhaps in another area of the face. Or, he or she may decide that it’s an acceptable product for your sensitive ocular zones. Regardless, consider both the pros and the cons of Restylane, and compare them to other products. You might find that it’s the ideal filler for you, or, elect to pass for a different compound combo.