Ringworm Treatment For Humans – Prescription vs Over The Counter?

Ringworm Treatment For Humans

Of all the conditions that have been given unpleasant and unfortunate names, the fungal skin rash known as ringworm is likely a top winner. Perhaps named because of the shape that the offending fungi create, a clearly defined circle with well noticeable edges, this ring o’ rash can cause itching, which only makes it that much easier to spread. This is why finding the quickest and best ringworm treatment for humans can seem like such a big deal, but, it’s important to relax. This ill named but common malady is pretty harmless, even though it can be a nuisance, particularly in cases of ringworm in children.

Even though you may be looking for a quick fix, you’re best first course of action is going to be over the counter preparations. Common brands like Lotrimin are normally extremely successful at treating ringworm symptoms; however, the results can be off-putting and deceiving. It can actually take up to two weeks to see results with the common products made for ringworm treatment for humans, and that can leave many people thinking that their condition is not being effectively treated, or that the drugstore remedies that they are using are not working. However, in the majority of instances, ringworm home treatment by products that you can find at the grocery store or the drug store are the recommended course of therapy and are typically successful.

There are some cases however when prescription medicines are warranted. In cases where you see no results after using over the counter ringworm treatment for humans after two weeks of topical product use, it’s probably worthwhile to see your health care provider. He or she will assess your fungal infection and determine if oral medications such as Diflucan are required. Additionally, he or she may simply prescribe a prescription strength version of the over the counter ringworm treatment for humans that you have already been using, or, a different formulation. Prescriptions known as allylamines also fall into this category. Other products, like Lotrisone, combine a steroid with an antifungal. This ringworm treatment is used in very severe cases, or those with other symptoms such as swelling and inflammation. In some cases, excessive scratching and breaking the skin can lead to infection and this may require evaluation by a doctor. It’s possible, depending on the extent of your infection, that you may require further treatment or medication to relieve this secondary ailment.

In most cases, home ringworm treatment for humans is more than sufficient. Preventing the spread of the infection within your household and primarily amongst children is one of the most important steps to successful resolution. Because of the typical response to most people using over the counter remedies and home care, these methods should be more than adequate in most cases. Considering that side effects exist with prescription medication that may not with home care, there are many benefits to treating your symptoms on your own. However, prompt medical care for a long lasting infection or those that display concerning symptoms can hasten the treatment time and help you avoid less desirable results.