Rosacea Acne Treatment – Natural vs Prescription

Rosacea Acne Treatment

Rosacea plagues many people, and, thankfully, in most cases it is mild and doesn’t require treatment or can be covered with normal cosmetics. If your condition requires treatment, you might be wondering if you can avoid the side effects of traditional medication and opt instead for a more natural cure. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but ultimately your decision about rosacea remedies will depend on the severity of your situation and how effective each treatment is for you.

If you opt for a medical route for your rosacea acne treatment, you have many options available to you. Antibiotic ointments are popular, as are oral supplements of same. Azelaic acid is popular, but the side effects of this product more commonly known as Finacea are somewhat more pronounced than that of the antibiotic route. In some rare cases, it can cause excessive facial hair growth which is great for men struggling with peach fuzz, but likely unwelcomed by the female crowd.

For those looking for a more holistic option, there are many of those too. Chrysanthellum Indicum Cream is a newly explored product and has shown great promise in studies as a rosacea acne treatment. Alternative medicine has also raided the pantry yet again, testing both licorice and green tea in cream form as treatment options. These natural remedies aren’t limited to just herbs and potions however, there is real science behind some of them that is more closely related to the causes of rosacea. Sparing the readers the gross details here, rosacea patients in a study were given B vitamin supplements to offset the fact that some sufferers had a higher concentration of mites on the skin. Additionally, and related to causes of the ailment, sufferers who experience indigestion frequently were noted to be lacking vital enzymes that when properly treated for said deficiency saw an improvement in rosacea symptoms. In both of these cases, medicinal therapy and natural methods converged to provide solid evidence of genuine rosacea acne treatment by identifying some of the sources.

Since rosacea is typically a lifelong condition, your treatment selection is very important. Finding one that relives your symptoms, along with reducing and eliminating triggers is essential for providing relief and managing periods of inflammation. Seek professional medical advice before experimenting with any rosacea acne treatment. Even natural remedies can have side effects and unwanted outcomes on underlying illnesses creating interactions you may not be aware of.