Rosacea Treatment Over The Counter – 5 Best Choices!

Rosacea Treatment Over The Counter

If you have a less than stellar insurance plan, and don’t feel like playing with lasers in your dermatologist’s office, you might be looking for rosacea treatment over the counter. Considering it’s prevalence as a common ailment, finding products at your local drugstore that could be effective solutions is easy, and often inexpensive.

1. Prosacea: Well, it’s in the name so that’s a good start. This rosacea treatment over the counter is available at your local drugstore and can even be found online for about 10 bucks. User reviews suggest a large success rate in symptom treatment.

2. Aspirin: A favorite medicine for many things because of its safe and effective properties, aspirin has recently gained some attention as a rosacea treatment over the counter. It has been suggested that a daily dose could stifle flushing from rosacea.

3. Moisturize: Pick your favorite moisturizer for rosacea care. Brand and type are irrelevant. Just make sure that you are cleaning gently and thoroughly and applying one of the many face moisturizers available at your local drugstore after washing to promote healthy skin and reduce occurrences.

4. Au Natural: vitamins are readily available at pharmacies, and what your body is lacking could be triggering your symptoms. Head to the vitamin section for an unlikely rosacea treatment over the counter, and pick up flaxseed oil. Still unproven, but showing promise, flaxseed oil joins vitamin b and fish oil as some potential natural remedies for rosacea.

5. Cover it: Wearing no makeup at all is ideal for rosacea sufferers, but let’s face it; we just want to cover it. Don’t do more damage however and wear as little make up as possible. If you do decide to apply your daily war paint, opt for the best makeup for rosacea when it comes to foundations and use one with a greenish tint. This will offset the redness of your face and help dramatically reduce the visibility of your symptoms.

Remember that just because something is available over the counter doesn’t necessarily make it safe. Speak to your health care provider about any over the counter medications or treatments you are considering. Watch out for unusual side effects, and should any arise, stop using the product and speak to your doctor. Rosacea is often a lifelong condition and finding quality and readily available products will make managing it much easier.