Sagging Skin After Weight Loss – What To Do?

Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

One of the pitfalls of a major weight loss is the formation of unsightly loose skin on the stomach, arms, thighs etc. In the past, surgical treatments like body contouring and tummy tuck were the only options for getting rid of the sagging skin after weight loss. These treatments can be expensive and often involve unpleasant side effects like pain and infections. These days, many non-invasive, non-surgical treatments are available that cost much lower and require little to no healing time. Natural alternatives to skin tightening procedures are also very effective in getting rid of sagging skin after weight loss.

Some of the non-surgical treatments make use of different technologies like laser light, radio frequency, infra red energy and ultrasound energy to accomplish natural collagen stimulation and production to correct the saggy skin after weight loss. Two of the popular treatments are Thermage treatment and Refirme, which are used for treating sagging skin after weight loss. Both treatments work by heating the collagen in the dermis skin layer, stimulating the skin cells to produce natural skin collagen thus firming and tightening the skin. Both treatments cause minimal to no scarring to the surface of the skin as they use cryogenic cooling spray to cool the surface of the skin simultaneously heating only the lower skin layer.

Although not fast acting, natural remedies for sagging skin after weight loss are exercise and nutrition. As simple as they sound, they can be very effective although more time-consuming than the above mentioned procedures.

Excess skin after weight loss results predominantly from the change in body composition of muscle and fat. During crash dieting or drastic surgical fat removal like liposuction, considerable muscle loss occurs increasing the body fat percentage. This excess fat is stored subcutaneously between the sagging skin layers, making them droopy. Hence, one of the best ways to get rid of sagging skin after weight loss is through weight training workouts that build lean muscle mass and through a good nutrition plan consisting of ample protein to sustain the gained muscle. When you weight train, you put on muscle changing your body lean muscle mass which firms and tightens the skin.

While cardio training burns the fat, weight training increases muscle mass, changing the body fat to muscle ratio, toning the skin on the body. Good nutrition and hydration are also very important in burning fat and maintaining the muscle mass.

To prevent the sagging skin, weight must be lost gradually and naturally over a period of time through proper exercise and diet, taking proper care to maintain the muscle mass.