Shellac Nail Polish – Nail Polish Revolution?

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish has taken the nail polish industry by storm. Imagine having your nails done, and not needing any form of touch ups for 14 days! No more chipping, breaking, lifting means less visits to the nail salon. No more painting and repainting your nails every three days. And that’s not including the benefits of the removal process. After a quick soak, the polish comes right off! No scrubbing or buffing or scraping off shellac nail polish for hours. Quick application, very fast drying, perfectly polished nails for 14 days, easy removal. Are you sold yet?

CND nail polish formulated this amazing polish technology that they say goes “on like polish. Wears like gel.” UV gel nail polish is a revolutionary achievement in the nail polish industry, as nails look the same as they did on day 1 for 14 days. CND nails guarantees this. Shellac nail polish actually lasts for weeks, however when new nail growth appears, CND suggests a recoat, which usually takes place around the 14th-day mark.

There must be a con. There are a few points about shellac nail polish that make this revolutionary process amazing for most, but not everyone’s favorite. First, if you want to paint your gel nails at home, you cannot do this with this product. CND sells only to licensed professionals. Also, your nails and your nail beds must be healthy before you use this product. If you have split nails and/or you were hoping to cover them in the privacy of your own home, CND’s shellac is not the right product for you. However, if you love to go to the nail salon, and you want durable nails that stay nail salon fresh for 14 days, shellac is definitely the way to go!