Shingles Pain Relief – Prescription vs Natural Remedies!

Shingles Pain Relief

There are many conditions and symptoms that can benefit from the powers of nature, but shingles is just not one of them. This painful and long lasting condition requires medical care and in some cases, options for natural shingles pain relief can cause more problems than they alleviate.

Shingles is caused from the same virus that causes chickenpox. After catching the pox, typically as a child, the virus hangs out in your system. It doesn’t cause any problems, just maintains a low profile and waits, often for decades. When the body is particularly stressed from emotional overload or an illness, that quiet, sleeping virus comes back with a vengeance and you end up with shingles. There is no cure for shingles and it is contagious, well, sort of. You can’t actually give other people shingles, but if you come into contact with someone who hasn’t had the chickenpox during the shingles contagious period, you can give them a case of the chickenpox, even as an adult.

There are many shingles natural treatment options from alternative remedy gurus and holistic healers, however, for shingles pain relief, it’s best to go with what the doctor ordered. Colloidal silver, for instance, is a popular option touted by the alternative remedy community. However, there is no evidence to suggest that it is useful for any relief for any condition. Others suggest hot peppers for shingles pain relief, however the effects that this method could have on a blistering rash can be unpleasant to say the least. That’s not to say that all natural options are bad, however. One that is very often successful is cold therapy with cold compresses or even milk. Cold therapy can be very effective for shingles pain relief.

Prescription therapy that your doctor will likely consider is anti viral medication, because the shingles causes of course are viral in nature. If you seek medical care promptly, these medications can shorten the duration of symptoms, which can be a first step to shingles pain relief. Additionally, steroids can be given for inflammation, another large source of pain. You may find that your physician will also consider prescription pain relievers such as Lyrica, designed to battle nerve pain. This multifaceted approach to treatment can prove essential to providing shingles pain relief.

Shingles can be a serious condition, particularly in people with weakened immune systems and the elderly. People who develop shingles on face areas are at risk for developing ocular problems. This is why medical care is essential to providing symptom relief and the management of the condition that can prevent adverse health risks. If you elect to try natural remedies for shingles pain relief, it’s advisable to do so only under the care and supervision of your health care provider to ensure that your condition is being properly managed and that you aren’t putting yourself and your health at risk.