Skin Allergy Symptoms To Unknown Source – What To Do?

Skin Allergy Symptoms

Skin allergy symptoms such as hives, welts or a rash can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. The itching, swelling and even pain can be unbearable and uncomfortable. The problem can be made worse by simply not knowing the source of your allergic skin rash symptoms, and one of the first things you are thinking about is how to not have a repeat performance of the signs of allergic reaction that you are experiencing. Most likely, if you are having typical skin allergy symptoms, you are experiencing a rash, hives, eczema- like symptoms or general itchiness. This will almost always make you think that you have come into direct contact with something that is aggravating your skin, and so, that’s a logical place to start when trying to find out the cause of your skin allergy symptoms.

Start with basic things. Have you changed your soap, detergent, laundry soap, shampoo, lotions, etc.? Just because you aren’t allergic to dish soap doesn’t mean that the chemicals in a new brand might not react adversely to your skin. The same is true for perfumes and lotions. A brand new scent might smell great, but a component your body has never been doused in before could leave you with skin allergy symptoms. Look also at non liquid and non direct potential sources of irritation. Have you changed dryer sheets or even to a different air freshening product? There are no tests that will tell you how one chemical or another might affect you, and you may find that something very simple, such as a new fabric softener, is the simple cause of your skin allergy symptoms. Another way that chemicals can affect your skin are of course naturally, and while you may have forgotten about your jaunt in the woods a day before, your skin hasn’t, and a brush with an irritant like poison oak or poison ivy could have left you with skin allergy symptoms. Consider where your skin has been and what it’s been in contact with as a first part of investigation.

If you have ruled out the basic and common chemicals in your home or environment and are certain that no new ones are to blame, then your next logical step is to move on to your diet. Have you tried a new food just before the onset of the rash? Or, think about what you last ate before your skin allergy symptoms became apparent. While you may eat a problematic food for years and years, that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop an instant allergy to it. For instance, you may have never experienced food allergy symptoms such as a rash, from eating peanuts, however, one day; you have an allergy to peanuts. Some food allergies are with us from youth and others seem to magically appear. Another interesting and food related way that our skin can tell us we’ve ingested something that it doesn’t care for is via gluten allergy symptoms. These present in the same way that other allergic reactions do, but to a large variety of gluten containing food. If you think that gluten might be to blame for your skin allergy symptoms, talk to your health care provider about dietary changes that can serve as the start of your skin allergy treatment program.

If you still are unable to pinpoint the source of your skin problems, then it is best that you see your health care provider to consider further testing and treatment. You may have a specific allergy to a known irritant, or you may have a problem that is the result of an underlying medical condition and not allergy related at all. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and your skin allergy symptoms, along with treatment options for long term relief.