Skin Allergy Treatment At Home – What Can I Use?

Skin Allergy Treatment

While some of us have literal drugstores in our medicine cabinets and closets, for others, we stock up on the basic essentials. Pain reliever and fever reducer, cough and cold medicine, basic first aid supplies and a thermometer being the most common home care basics. But, what do you do when you are looking for a skin allergy treatment and there is nothing at all around your house is suitable to fit the bill? Well, you look for alternative options for home skin allergy treatment. While it’s best to use Benadryl or some other specifically designed formula for the skin allergy symptoms that you might be experiencing, you may not have it on hand or be able to rush out to get it. This is why you can consider many home remedy options for skin allergy treatment.

First of all, if you are experiencing any of the effects of a serious allergic reaction such as trouble breathing, excessive and increasing swelling, wheezing, worsening hives, an infection or a dramatic worsening of symptoms, it’s important to seek immediate medical care. You could be experiencing anaphylactic shock and not only is it dangerous, in some cases it can be life threatening.

For general allergic symptoms affecting the skin, however, there are many options for a skin allergy treatment at home that you can try that could save you a trip to the drug store or save you from the often drowsy effects of antihistamines. Consider Aloe vera juice for instance. This all encompassing skin care savior works to relieve dry and inflamed skin but can also be very useful on rashes caused from a mild allergic reaction. It can also help itching, which can be one of the largest complaints of people experiencing a skin rash from an allergy. Baking soda, particularly when applied on the affected area, seems to also be an effective agent against the swelling, inflammation and itch. If you’re looking for herbal allergy relief, you can head straight to your pantry. From there, you can concoct a holistic mix of basil leaves, salt, pepper, 2 cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of olive oil. Blend together into a literal rash pesto and rub on the affected area for a unique and natural skin allergy treatment, alternatively, washing the area with chamomile tea can soothe and calm and help relieve irritation.

You can also remember that lifestyle changes at home can eliminate the need for medicine in cases of mild allergy relief. For instance, figuring out that you are allergic to a certain food can absolutely mean treating a rash, but it might also warrant an allergy elimination diet. Additionally, if you suspect that you might be a victim of gluten intolerance, you may also need to make dietary changes under a doctor’s care to deal with your gluten allergy. While it may seem odd that things that you eat and drink can lead to a skin allergy, it’s quite a common symptom. You may find that oatmeal baths and olive oil are both useful as a skin allergy treatment for food and drink related symptoms.