Skin Cancer on Scalp Under Hair

Skin Cancer on Scalp

Since skin cancer is caused by sun exposure primarily, it is logical to assume that it will manifest itself on the areas of our bodies most often exposed to the sun. Therefore, our heads are glaring cancer catching targets. Unfortunately with all types of skin cancer, the most common treatment is surgical removal of the site. This is particularly unnerving on the scalp.

In order to identify a cancerous mole, or lesion that is thought to be cancer, a biopsy is needed. In the case of skin cancer on scalp areas, this means removing the suspected offender surgically. Your hair is attached to that sample. Enter your new bald spot. Things aren’t all bad. After all, what other kind of cancer gives you prominent warning signs to signal you to get to the doctors frequently before the condition has a chance to worsen? That bald spot just became a symbol of your survival. It is of course, still a bald spot.

Skin cancer on scalp areas is common because your head is always exposed to the sun. Wearing a hat when outdoors for long periods of time is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to prevent skin cancer. It also covers bald spots. You’re probably looking at a longer term solution however. Well, given the non-elastic nature of the skin on your scalp, replacing what a biopsy and removal surgery will take away is a little complicated. For small areas, well trained plastic surgeons can use adjacent scalp skin to repair the area. For larger areas, skin grafting or skin expansion is often employed. After your treatment has been remedied by your physician, a consultation with a plastic surgeon might be in order to determine the best way to correct the damage from skin cancer on scalp areas.

The signs and symptoms of skin cancer are hugely beneficial to diagnosis and treatment. They are what keep us from developing a life threatening condition and are our red flag to seek medical care. All skin and tissue removal can potentially cause damage and scarring, but these cosmetic defects are miniscule in comparison to the massive damage that untreated, spreading cancer can cause. Skin cancer on scalp regions may seem like a curse, but the signs your body provided you with are a blessing.