Small Itchy Bumps On Skin – What Are They?

Small Itchy Bumps On Skin

What are small itchy bumps on skin, and what causes this condition? The answer can be a number of different things. If you have very itchy skin and the small bumps are red, tender to the touch, and only appear near hair follicles then it is possible that you have an infection called folliculitis. The follicle becomes infected, possibly from shaving and ingrown hairs, and this causes the bumps and itching. An antibacterial cream can be used to minimize the bumps and get rid of the underlying infection. Sometimes the skin tissue itself can become infected, and this is an infection called cellulitis which can also cause small itchy bumps on skin.

If you have white itchy bumps on skin you could have an infected sweat gland, especially if the bumps are located close to or on sweat glands. Another possible condition when small itchy bumps on skin appear is allergies. Many bath products and beauty items contain ingredients that can cause a reaction. If the allergy become severe the bumps may form large weals, and the itching can be intense. No matter what the cause of the bumps are, hot water can often make them worse and increase the itching sensation. Sometimes the cause of itchy eyelids can be the shampoo or soap that touches your eye area and irritates the tissue.

Another possible cause of small itchy bumps on skin is razor burn, and this can affect men and women both. When you shave your skin can become inflamed and irritated, and raised bumps can appear. Using a moisturizing shaving gel, making sure your razor is sharp, and using cool water instead of hot water to rinse the area can help minimize or eliminate this problem. If you have diabetes itchy skin then you may notice dark colored patches of skin, especially in the neck area with children, but most of the time a rash with small raised bumps does not signal diabetes but instead means something is irritating or infecting the skin or tissue.