Spironolactone Hair Loss Treatment – Effective or Not?

Spironolactone Hair Loss

For the most part, Minoxodil is the most common drug used as a hair loss treatment for women. But, there are others available, and Spironolactone hair loss inhibitor is one of them. Why haven’t you heard more about Aldactone or, “Spiro?” Well, probably because it’s used to treat everything from high blood pressure to heart failure and is actually a diuretic. The medication is actually used by both men and women for patchy baldness. Varying opinions exist on the amount of success is achieved with both Aldactone and the same drug combined with Minoxodil, but the typical positive response is overwhelming, with 80% of test participants having success with hair growth using the drug.

Spironolactone hair loss medication is an anti-androgen, and therefore has been proven useful in the redevelopment of hair growth. It is also an effective tool for stopping hair loss once it has begun. However, the nature of anti-androgen medications (meaning drugs that prevent testosterone production) means those Aladactone side effects can range from anything from sexual problems to breast enlargement in men. Because of these reasons, this product is better suited for women and is a good alternative to a hair transplant for women. It has also been suggested that the product is a carcinogen, and potentially cancer causing due to its containing potassium canrenoate. Spironolactone hair loss medication however has been thought to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Spironolactone hair loss treatment can only come from a doctor as a prescription is required. Your health care provider can determine if the benefits of taking this medication would outweigh the risks. Your doctor may consider pairing your treatment with other medications or topical products such as over the counter shampoos such as Rogaine, but not including Nizoral shampoo hair loss products, which have never been proven to stop the loss of head cover.

No matter what your gender, hair loss can be a very sensitive subject. While Aldactone is almost exclusively prescribed for women for the purposes of hair loss, its effectiveness cannot be under emphasized as a useful product to combat your patchy bald spots. Speak to your doctor if you think Spironolactone is right for you.