Splitting Fingernails – Thyroid, Vitamin Deficiency or Improper Nail Care?

Splitting Fingernails

Considering how often we use our hands each and every day, splitting fingernails are a common occurrence. Especially when you consider that one of the main reasons that fingernails split and crack is good old H2O. That’s right, even though keeping your hands clean is essential for good health, too much water and detergent exposure can cause nail problems. Aside from water, however, there are a whole host of other reasons why your nails can end up dry, brittle and splitting, and because some underlying sources of splitting fingernails are medical conditions that could require attention, it’s worthwhile to see your doctor if you have nail issues that cannot be easily attributed to improper care, especially if you have other symptoms.

For instance, thyroid diseases can cause the nail to split from the nail plate, and dry and brittle nails. Psoriasis can cause similar symptoms, and long term damage to the fingernail. Prominent fingernail ridges that are white can be caused by arsenic poisoning, and fingernail diseases, such as those associated with fungus or infection can cause all sorts of damage to the nails.

In most cases though, your splitting fingernails are the cause of poor maintenance and care, or a mild deficiency in certain vitamins. In order to counter these common occurrences, consider a supplement if your diet isn’t rich in Vitamins B, D, and E, and practice good moisturizing as often as possible. Moisturizing the nail and the area surrounding the nail is just as critical as soothing your dry, chafed hands. Paying special attention to the area around the nail, and the nail itself, will allow for ideal absorption. In addition, using lanolin or petroleum will help prevent the loss of moisture from the nails and potentially help you to avoid future splitting fingernails. Remember also that nail polish and nail polish remover when used excessively can also trigger cracks in nails.

No matter the cause of your splitting fingernails, crises management is key. You will want to kick up the moisture you are giving to your fingertips and also consider picking up a bottle of whatever product you consider to be the best nail strengthener available. Use this instead of nail polish as often as possible and, always in conjunction with a good moisturizer. By employing a multi step approach, you can ensure that as your nails grow in, the new growth is healthy and strong.