Stelara Psoriasis Treatment Review

Stelara Psoriasis

For adults over 18 years of age, Stelara psoriasis treatment may be recommended to you by your health care provider. Whether this medication is right for you will depend on the severity of your symptoms and your responsiveness to other treatments. Your health care provider may also talk to you about combining Stelara psoriasis treatment with other procedures such as phototherapy. While there are many benefits to using this medication for severe psoriasis, there are many caveats as well. Because of the side effects associated with this medication, you will want to carefully weigh the benefits and risks of this powerhouse of psoriasis cures with your doctor to see if it’s right for you.

Recipients of Stelara psoriasis injections typically do see a reduction in their symptoms and the frequency of flare ups. Levels of success vary, but the majority of people using this plaque psoriasis treatment report positive results, although typically after the second injection. Side effects however are an area where it seems there is a lot of difference amongst users, with some reporting very minimal side effects and others experiencing problematic and often long term side effects from using Stelara psoriasis treatment.

Serious infections are possible while using Stelara because it affects the immune system. As such, it’s important to take proper precautions around people who are sick, and see your doctor as soon as possible if you start to develop symptoms of an infection. Serious infections like tuberculosis have been reported in users, some so severe that they require hospitalization. You will also not be able to use Stelara if you have an infection or have the signs or symptoms of an infection. There is also an increased risk of developing certain kinds of cancer while using Stelara psoriasis treatment, particularly if you have risk factors for the associated kinds of cancer that an immune system affecting medication like Stelara might produce. Aside from the aforementioned hazards, general side effects including headache, fatigue and respiratory infections are reported in users of Stelara.

You will have to determine how much your psoriasis is affecting your life to decide if Stelara is right for you. If your symptoms are manageable and your problem areas are easily covered, you may want to consider natural remedies for psoriasis and over the counter remedies instead. However, if your condition is affecting the quality of your life, and you don’t have any active infections, consider talking to your doctor about Stelara psoriasis treatment. It’s been proven to clear skin in users and when properly managed by your doctor, the benefits can outweigh the risks of use.