Stiletto Mascara Review

Stiletto Mascara

When we think of the word stiletto, we think of sleek, sexy, long and luxurious. We think of glittery heels and champagne glasses. Arguably, the best Maybelline mascara on the market currently, this mid range rated product delivers quality performance at a good value. Stiletto mascara lures you in with its tantalizing package and promises long lashes without the clumps, so how does it hold up to its claims?

As a sufferer of boy lash syndrome, I admit I am sucked in to any claims of products promising longer lashes. In that regard stiletto mascara definitely delivers. It provides lengthening for even the shortest of lashes, and does a great job of drawing attention to by eye batters and away from the bushy nightmares residing above them. While many people hope to find the best volume mascara that also promotes lengthening however, this product is not for you. Longer lashes you will get, fuller you might need to look elsewhere. You also will not likely find a great amount of curl from using stiletto mascara. Think of the name people, stilettos aren’t curly.

If you are looking for the best mascara for sensitive eyes, you may also want to look for products specifically tailored to that need. I don’t have a need for sensitive products, but reviewers elsewhere reported that they had irritation from using stiletto mascara. Reviewers also noted clumping and flaking. I did not notice any of these issues, and better yet, I found the removal of the product to be fairly easier than others that I have tried.

Overall, I found this product to be a fantastic lengthening mascara. For someone like me who was hoping to gain length without clumps, the product certainly lived up to the manufacturer’s claims. You will find both positive and negative reviews on the web of nearly all cosmetic products, but it’s important to remember that people have different experiences with different products because our bodies are different, our starting lash condition is different, and our expectations of product delivery are different. I wanted a mascara to increase the length of my lashes, and that is exactly what I got.